Teaching Overview

During my two years as a secondary school teacher in Hong Kong, I taught English and English Literature to students from S1 to S6. I took advantage of the flexibility in the curriculum to develop coursework that challenged students both linguistically and intellectually. 

Since early 2015, I have been teaching English and German privately, focusing on different language areas according to the needs of different students. My proficiency in different foreign languages and background in linguistics give me a great deal of versatility in teaching grammar, writing as well as higher-level academic topics. 

My students range from secondary school students to adults. Some of them are beginners in German, and others major in German at university. Some students want to understand English grammar more systematically, and others want to improve their spoken language through examining English phonology. Still others want to improve their academic writing to fulfill requirements for university or even law school.

My greatest advantage as a foreign language teacher is my ability to point out systematic errors in grammar, style and structure as a way to illuminate larger problems in language use. As a language student myself, I found the biggest inadequacy in teachers to be their focus on superficial discussions that treated language as something that is not universally systematic and deeply logical. By grounding students in a systematic approach to language learning, I teach them to acquire foreign languages more effectively on their own throughout their lifelong learning.

As a writing teacher, I help students express complex ideas in fluent language. Many students need help not just with putting thoughts into words, but also with generating clear arguments and structuring them logically. Through my experience of targeted editing both as a teacher and writer, I have honed my skills at illuminating abstract writing processes to a variety of students with different language backgrounds and abilities.

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