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Ms. Charlotte

Since graduating from Harvard University, I have worked as a writer, translator, and language teacher in Hong Kong. As a language teacher, I have used my knowledge in linguistics to transform the way my students learn a foreign language.

I have been teaching English and German to students and adults in Hong Kong using my linguistics-based method for many years. My students constantly tell me about their lightbulb moments -- when they finally understand something about the language that they have never understood before. 

In the past two years, I have produced numerous free English-teaching education videos in Cantonese catering to young adults and adults in Hong Kong who wish to have a more systematic grasp of the structure of English, especially as it pertains to writing well for school, work, or business.

With this online Academy, I wish to reach out to those of you in Hong Kong who want to improve but are tired of learning hundreds of superficial “grammar” rules that you can never seem to apply universally. My systematic way of teaching the deep structure of English, based in basic linguistics concepts, gives you a logical understanding of the language to enable life-long self-learning. 

Gain a thorough understanding of how English works as a language system with basic linguistics concepts. This understanding will enable you to start your life-long journey of perfecting your English.


Be prepared to be challenged. Be prepared to relearn many things you think you know about English.

The courses are difficult, but they will equip you with a language framework that you can use for the rest of your life.